The Four F’s

Family, Fun, aFfordability & Fundraising


  • For friends, family, and friends of friends, to get together annually and have fun in a
    safe, friendly environment where parents and grandparents can relax and see their
    children/grandchildren experiencing a Festival atmosphere whilst meeting and making
    friends with others
  • To make it an affordable experience, so as to not exclude anyone
  • To suggest a minimum donation to ensure we cover costs, but where any profit to be donated
    to the Charity of our choice
  • To offer good quality, locally sourced food, again at affordable prices, profits of which go
    to the Charity of our choice
  • To offer local musicians and bands, of all types, the experience of playing to an outdoor
    audience through a professional sound system
  • To raise as much as we can for the Charity(s) of our choice

The two F’s

Flippin’ Fantastic !!

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